Picture from the first meeting of RHAI in Feb-2018

Aims and Objectives of RHAI



Promotion of strong, vibrant and sustainable Rental Housing market within India and to address the diverse housing needs of various segments of the population and for greater living standards for tenants and consumers with greater ease for all stakeholders


To undertake advocacy and consultation work of evolution and formulation of national level policy for Rental Housing market on fair and suitable and transparent principles to ensure improved economy by better usage of resources, thus creating value for all stakeholders in the eco-system


Work towards globalization of Indian Rental Housing Business and removal of bottlenecks 


To identify and address special needs and create awareness and support around the industry efforts and to promote cooperation with counterpart organizations


Arranging seminars, workshops, training programs, symposia lectures and courses on current issues that are connected to and related with the objectives of the society


To prepare, collate, share and provide up-to-date information and data on industry and Government